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I'm creating a Podcast series exploring Park & Recreation | Design, News & Cool Stuff. I want to provide a sense of community for our great lovers of parks, such as you and I. The Podcast Series will give us a historical timeline of how some of our great parks came to be.  It's also a front row seat into the minds of Landscape Architects, Park & Recreation Officials and amazing manufacturers that make our parks what they are today. From our local town parks, historic sites to our national landmarks and vast public lands; Areas I continue to have a passion for exploring are:

Park & Recreation History
Design Integration with City Living
Landscape Architects, Park Official's Visions, and Continued Uses
The Collective Safe Play Environments for Children
Community Members Support and Causes
Manufacturers' Innovative Products
& Cool Stuff

The Podcast focus is to keep us continually engaged, better understand, fun in learning and ways to support our valued resource for generations to come.

Welcome, let's learn and explore together!

          Wyatt W. Underwood

Business Inquiries: [email protected]
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And I couldn't thank you enough!
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