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  • Folks in this tier essentially get to dictate my course. I need y'all to keep this running, so I need to keep you happy, and I will try to bend over backwards to give you the content you want to see. Less than this is still appreciated, of course.




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Wyblogging on Tumblr. I'm doing in-depth reviews of popular TV shows and I hope my stuff is entertaining enough to be worth some loose change. For anyone who supports my work, thanks a ton, you're helping me keep doing this and you get to whisper in my ear about the things you'd like to see me work on.
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If I can raise this each month, I can live off of it entirely, more or less. Expect 4 sessions per week, minimum. Extra money beyond this point will help me upgrade equipment to hopefully branch out into video content and gaming reviews. It's a pipe dream, perhaps, but I like to aim high.
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