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Thank you so much for following up, My name is Dushun Wilson or D.W for short I am a digital/physical content creator that specializes in creating interactive and collaborative experiences and products. My goal is to be able to get to a place where I can create large-scale, easy to access experiences which will help stimulate growth and awaken abilities. I draw from a holistic set of sources: modern-conventional science, spirituality, alchemy/esoteric sciences and more. I dive very deep into the creative processes whether I am creating a musical experience or a product and try to come as close to the source of where it all comes from as I can.

"and Company" is just a way for me to provide for those people who decide to co-create with me I believe in providing value for the people around me and that provide value to me, so that we can sustain creative abundance. As such I use my experiences to put the spotlight on other creators who work with me as well.

I am solidifying my process by hopefully creating a field/specialization called creative engineering, where people who take on the role of 'creative engineer' help supplement the process of guiding ideas from their abstract form into fully realized products/services in the best way I can.

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