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     My dream is to become a full time content creator and your support will help this dream come true! I would love to make the community bigger, reach more people and that way also entertain / inspire / help more people with my videos!! I love reading your comments and chat with you during my live streams!!
     Making videos for you is awesome to do, but sadly YouTube doesn't pay that well, at least not for me. With your help I can continue doing YouTube & Live streams full time making my dream come true! Every single one of you already help me out with each view, each like, each comment you leave on my videos. With supporting me here on Patreon, with a Super chat / Sponsor on YouTube or with a Donation through Stream-labs OBS you will be able to help me realizing my dream!!
What do I do with your support?
     With your support I can continue making videos full-time and I don't need a part-time job next to this. I can upgrade my PC, so I can deliver better quality videos. I can invest in a camera & green screen that I can use for my live streams. You also help me out with my livelihood.
Please note: Only your first pledge will be charged on what ever day you decide to join, after that it will be on the 1st of every month if you decide to continue your support.
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