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The Little-Big difference! 

A little can go a long way and can actually make a big difference. THANK YOU GUYS AND WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!


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You may not know it buy right now I'm sending you a packet of virtual cookies! 


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My content will only get better with the power of your help. That power is some serious stuff, im kinda out of breath. 






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Hey Guys. Most of you know me from Instagram; xWheelchairDude.
I started Pateron as a way of having my fellow followers support me and my ideas and helping me make them a reality! I mostly focus on daily posts on my Instagram. Those posts would include my own personal gaming clips, Clips of the week sent in by followers to be featured, my art, my architecture work and so on. There are so many possibilities with a small account like mine and I want to be able to create the best content in the way I am able to.
As you guys know because of my health conditions i am unable to get a job (sad face) so this would be my first time actually 'earning'. As well as my health condition my bank card was used for fraud and they scammed my bank balance so bad that the person who did it actually left me with a debt that i cant afford. The bank don't believe that it wasn't me and it yet to be settled in court.
Its going to be a-mei-zing because I have so many things planned for the future of my Instagram account and i want it to grow. My main goal of this page is to be able to change the ideology of disability of them being weak and dependent on others and inspire people through the platform of gaming and my form of expression; art.
Guys. Seriously, I'm not one to ask people for money because i know that to a lot of you it is precious. Im a very open hearted person. Ive been told that i do to much for others and not enough for myself. I am going to promise that none of what is sent is going to go on stupid thing. I PROMISE. i will cherish and use what ever is given in the best way possible. Also i will be doing giveaways and a LOT of charity because its not about me. Its about inspiring people. I want to make a difference and I mean it. 
I'm excited for what's to come guys so your support would mean the world to me. Big or small it will ultimately change my life so please get involved.
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(Please read my description before you read this part!)
What's to come:

I have so many new things planned for the future. One main thing that i look forward to doing is my Why I am in a wheelchair: Draw my life. This is going to be a way for you guys to get to know me on a personal level. Many of you guys may not know that it is a really emotional and touchy subject so you would have to bear with me and wait for the right time for it to be released.

I couldn't link my Instagram through the social media area link so ill just leave it here. www.instagram.com/xwheelchairdude or just search my name!
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