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About xYorutenshi

Hello!! I'm xYorutenshi (Yoru is also fine) and I'm a freelance artist. While doing commissions I also work on my webcomic, Kaji's Estate. I've loved doing commission work over the past few years but I've neglected my personal art so in a way Kaji's Estate is a way to make sure I get an outlet to draw for myself. Of course, since income is necessary, updates will be slow while I juggle it with commissioned work.

So what can you look forward to seeing?

[On Discord for fast updates] Early Access to Kaji's Estate episodes. I post episode drafts as soon as they are drawn and panels as soon as they are done.

[On Discord for fast updates] Work in progress art or random art I do.

[On Discord] I do surprise monthly doodle requests of your OC's or anime characters! [This is mainly for stress relief and as thanks for all your support!]

[On Patreon] PSD files you can open and take a look at the chaos that is my work process.
[On Discord and here on Patreon] Process videos of commissioned works and of panels I work on for Kaji's Estate along with other art I do for the series.

Thanks for reading and looking forward to chatting with you all!
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I can spend more time working on "Kaji's Estate" for monthly updates!
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