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About Xavious Pictures

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Who we are

Xavious Pictures (igˈzāvēəs ˈpikchərz) is an award-winning production company founded in 2004 by brother and sister Daniel and Katie Hart. Since then, we've produced more than a hundred original short films and created web series such as The Hart Siblings.

Our mission is to make Comedy for the Kid in Everyone, by producing shows which are inoffensive and accessible to anyone who likes to laugh. We want our content to be enjoyed by adults, teens, kids, and families alike.

You can find Xavious Pictures shows and films at XaviousPictures.com

Why we need help

At Xavious Pictures, we strive to create the best content possible for our viewers. This means that a lot of time and work go into producing our shows. At this time, we are only a two-person team, so making The Hart Siblings is nearly a full-time job. While we love doing it, we still have bills to pay.

How you can help

There are three ways that you can help Xavious Pictures continue to create our shows:
  1. Be a fan! By simply enjoying our work and purchasing our new content through Vimeo On Demand, you are helping make this possible.
  2. Share with your friends! Share our work on social media, or show it to your friends at a party. Spread the word so our shows can have a greater audience.
  3. Become a patron! Money is a necessary evil, especially in the expensive world of filmmaking. Supporting us financially through Patreon not only keeps the lights on, but will allow us to create even greater content in the future. Plus, you'll unlock exclusive content and rewards!

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