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Hey guys!

I'm a new youtuber and hopefully in the future become a twitch streamer. I make videos about the games that I am currently playing, uploading my best games, making highlights from it and some tips and tricks for everyone. I also make videos about anime, posting some original sound tracks remix and review about it. And I'm also planning to make videos about smartphones and technologies, some news about them, reviews about apps on android and on smartphones even though I do not have the actual smartphones. I know, there are lot of things I want to do but I'm passionate about them and especially once I can do live streams on twitch.

However, I do not currently posses the right equipment to do all those things I'm passionate about. I'm currently trying to save up to get a proper desktop to replace my 8 years old laptop, also for a good camera and things that I will need for the set up for my future live stream on twitch. I would really appreciate some donations from good will people and may god give you all long lives and good health. 

Thanks guys for reading up to this point. Any help from all of you guys would really be appreciated and I will thank you and be forever grateful for the rest of my life.

Once again guys, thank you and this is XeeChi!
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To get better equipment such as desktop, camera and other things that I will need to make my videos and hopefully my set up to finnaly start my twitch live stream channel.
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