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Xi's Guys
per osu! skin
Patrons from this reward tier will receive both my everlasting gratitude and be credited in my osu! profile page  and signature. 
Xi's Advise
per osu! skin
A random patron from this tier will have their suggested idea or theme made for my next skin. They will also have the ability to download exclusive previews (.osk files) of my upcoming skins. 

as well as everything from the previous reward tier.

Xi's Prize
per osu! skin
All patrons from this reward tier will get a custom 1000x1000px avatar with a 128x128px resized version for osu! and a 620x190px profile page banner.

 as well as everything from the previous reward tier. 




per osu! skin

About xi9w

Hello, and welcome to my patreon! My name is Ethan, but most people know me by my internet alias, xi9w. Under that weird name, I play osu! and often create skins that change certain elements of the interface and in gameplay. The process of skinning in itself can be very time consuming, taking hours, days, and sometimes weeks to complete. Since I happen to be at a rough patch of my life at the moment, finishing high school, looking for employment, yadda yadda yadda—I've decided to create a patreon page for people that appreciate my work and want to see more of it.
$0 of $100 per osu! skin
I will setup an exclusive patron-only livestream in which I will start a skin from scratch that fits everyone's suggestions. This means that there will be a shit ton of various elements included in the Extras folder.
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