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About Jiyeong Kim

I am Jiyeong Kim, also known elsewhere as XiuBae9; I am a young Korean girl with a dream of becoming a popular digital artist. My interests include Korean dramas/music, Animated films and the color pink!

Mostly I draw big cats in the style of Disney, but however I do draw other things such as horses, my little pony, humans and many other things!

I hope you can show your support by pledging to my patreon, it can help support a starving artist, and it inspires me to keep drawing for you guys~!

My Other Sites:
Wattpad: JiYeongK
Animation Source: XiuBae9
Twitch: XiuBae9
Tumblr: XiuBae9
DeviantArt: XiuBae9

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