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About Dominic Pons

Greetings! My name is Dominic Pons and I am the person behind the tutorials on the youtube channel called xponentialdesign. I post everyday gif art as well as create VJ loop content for the VJ union loops community. I am also an Elite author on Envato and a merchant on

Why am I here on Patreon you might ask? Well because I rather love making explanatory and exploratory videos about using some of the most and less common After Effects tools. I like to show you how I use them to make my everyday projects. 

As I get more and more involved in exploring the many possible ways to use the fantastic tools available to create everyday visuals and find the best ideas for tutorials that I record and edit. Putting all the attention to make sure they're all as fun and entertaining.

My goal is to make in sort that watching them will allow you to learn something new each time that'll hopefully send you off on to your own path of experimentation. I also want to be able attend to your comments and queries if you have some because I like helping out !

Since my enjoyment for doing all these things is always increasing, the support would be really appreciated and allow me to keep on doing it rather than other less honorable activities.

One way to support me is to pledge a monthly amount right here on Patreon. Depending on what tier you pledge for, you'll get a range of goodies like high resolution pre-renders, After Effects project files, ect... That being said, I am aware of the fact that the economic reality of each and everyone may differ and won't necessarily allow the luxury of using any object of fiat currency to support a random individual. So I'd like to make it a pledge on my side to publish as much free content as possible and make it so that if you are not even a registered patreon user you can still find more than what you would expect for any undefined, Null or NaN tier treatment out there. 

If for some reason or another, you're the type of person who'd prefer not use this particular type of intermediate recurring payment system, but would still be interested in supporting me by investing once and actually getting something in return right away, you can browse trough my loop and templates shop on Envato. I don't like to brag at all, but they call me an "Elite Author" there. Making a purchase and rating any of my items will be highly appreciated, and bestowed by myself as any other well founded type of kind gesture.

Of course if you don't want any intermediates at all you can track me down in person and hire me for a gig (for which you have made sure prior that you have a valid target AND an appropriate non-fictive budget). Let's talk !! It's just that easy! 

Another way to support me is to visit my youtube channel. A little  subscribe click motion of the right hand index (or the left hand middle finger - I am pretty sure most left-handed do not invert the mouse button configuration and rather leave it at default), even if you don't have time to watch the videos, is still a small gesture that will remain, yes - the cheapest way to help me out, but will still be highly and genuinely appreciated from my side. It'll still give you a quick shot of dopamine reaction from rewarding yourself of acting upon an altruistic intention. One shot that is guaranteed to be more substantial than those generated by a mere click on the facebook "like" button. 

Aside from the  Trapcode TAOParticular and Stardust related tutorials (click on those for playlists), I will post some longer form animations and Vj loops. These longer form background animations videos will hopefully help me out with the watch time data records which seems to be highly regarded by youtube ranking algorithms... So if you want to give a hand on that, hit the playlist and have them play during parties or events. 

On my after effects tutorials channel, we look closely at creating visuals in after effects  but I also like to talk about a little bit of science, history, mathematics, philosophy, music, and many more on the side dish subjects, don't hesitate to interact and ask me about anything because I am curious about any kind of subject.

Best regards
Dominic Pons

My apologies: In regards of the article on section 71 of the Canadian Code of law. I will no longer be able to accept any duel challenge.
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