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I will put your animated self in my comic! You will have a cameo in at least 1 panel as a character. I'll send you a message with information about how you can find your character on my page.
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I will create a character for your supportive self! Maybe your character will have a sword, a bow, or another weapon I like. I'll send you a picture via email or another online forum of your character and a big thank you for supporting me!
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If you want a character that is your own design, you made it up yourself, then you might want to pledge $10. You can send me a photo of yourself with a description or send me a description of a character you'd like me to illustrate. It might be a character from your RPG, a character design you'd like to see more clearly, or maybe it's just a secret fantasy character you'd love to see drawn out! I'll send you a jpeg file of your character (with weapon of choice or small mythical creature) and a huge thank you for supporting me as an artist!




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Thank you for your support! XP is an ongoing, free-to-read, webcomic that’s been online since 2015. (2014 for my facebook followers.) This is a webcomic devoted to describing my life in China as an artist. Not only is your support helping me to grow as an illustrator, but I intend to use this webcomic as a tool to help people understand other cultures, love others, laugh (obviously) and just enjoy life as it comes. Most of my material is based on what I've experienced as a DND GM. I hope you can read XP and experience a little bit of what I feel everyday. Thank you again for helping me reach my goals and see my dreams become hilarious reality. 

Though it’s fun to write and draw this comic, it has been a struggle to keep it going with most of my time and artistic energy focused on earning a living. The purpose of this Patreon is to try to make XP my first priority so that I can share all of the story, side comics, illustrations and other things I have in store.

Comments and support from readers like you has been one of the most rewarding parts of working on XP, and now it can play a direct part in helping the comic continue onward. If you enjoy the comic, thank you for reading, and if you’re comfortable with chipping in any amount for any amount of time, please know it is incredibly appreciated!
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For Patrons and my twitter followers, I will make and send kiddie valentines! My twitter followers will get a digital Valentine cards and my patrons will get Valentines to print off! how exciting!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts

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