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About Experience Points

We're Timothy & Kate and we're the creators of Experience Points! With your patronage, we've made two seasons of our webseries but, we're ready to launch a new project – ALL HAIL YOG!

All Hail Yog is a 5E D&D evil campaign, starring the cast and creators of Experience Points. In All Hail Yog, our rotating cast of villains play effectively as the Nazgûl – the fell servants of a dark lord, assembled to enact Yog's nefarious plans upon the unhappy world. All Hail Yog is a weekly actual play podcast. Each episode is around 30 minutes long and the first two episodes drop on Halloween night.

Interested? Read more here.

A scripted, 12-part webseries, each season of Experience Points shows us one session in an ongoing D&D campaign as a window into both the everyday and the gaming lives of its players. The first season follows Mackenzie as she joins her cousin's long-running campaign with a new character. The second season follows the Dungeon Master Allen as he struggles to forge a new campaign from a group of perfect strangers. The show places its audience around the gaming table and gives them the same experience – through the story, the rules and the character's choices – that the players would have.

You can watch the series starting right here

Patreon is so collaborative. By fundraising the second season through Patreon, we were able to drop consistent updates and release new content – adventure modules, episode commentaries and even a livestream campaign. Patreon is a more relaxed, more transparent, more involved fundraiser. We can keep interacting with the community, adjusting the rewards and goals based on feedback and ultimately make the experience of supporting us as rewarding as possible.

No problem! You can always share, retweet and recommend the show (and the Patreon) to your friends and party members! Every additional pair of eyes that sees the show is a huge boon. Even a small contribution, when made on a monthly basis, can quickly amount to something very meaningful.

We wouldn't be here without you, the endlessly supportive tabletop community.
Welcome to the campaign, dudes.
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We'll begin releasing blooper reels from Season 2! Kate's very favorite thing!
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