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Hello my name is Felix or as many know me on the YouTube and Streaming community as Xuen. I started YouTube and Streaming to be able to touch the lives of others around me by brightening their day through entertainment or by helping anyway that I can.  Although I am no where near being able to do this for a living by supporting me I will be able to post and stream more often and continue to grow our community. No matter how much you decide to donate anything can help big or small. $1 is equal to about 1,000 video views so even if you can't pledge a lot seriously even the thought or however little amount you think you can pledge goes an insanely long way.

My goal of this page is not only to help improve my videos and content but to also get to know those special people that do decide to go that extra mile better. I'm hoping to deliver special perks for those people that do decide to help like a special rank/chat in our discord that will give you access to private videos like editing guides/behind the scenes footage and special thank you vlogs as well as access to polls that will allow you to vote on future content for the channel. I'm excited to meet and work with you all feel free to ask any questions you may have best places to reach me are my twitter @xuenrelicpaws or discord https://discordapp.com/invite/xuen
$4.48 of $250 per month
If we reach this goal that would be absolutely mind blowing. This will allow me to do youtube and stream almost full time.
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