Young Xus

is creating Love songs, Heartbreak songs and Self-Development videos on IG
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About Young Xus

My name is Young Xus. I have been making music since I was 13 years old. I am now 20. I never really had the courage to pursue it 100% but 3 months ago I dropped out of college and started pursuing music as a full-time job. Additionally to that I work 46 hours a week as a waiter. I am also into self-development and have a video series on my Instagram. It would be great if I had a bigger budget. Minimum wage is just not enough. I make around $1000 a month and have to pay my rent which is $400 dollars. There is barely money left for music, promotion, videos and everything else. I am going to be a star and will pay back every single one of you. I believe in myself that I can be the next big thing. I just need to find people that see my vision. I hope that maybe just one of you can resonate with me. I´m simply trying to get out of that box of mediocrity. Making a living doing what I love to do.
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If you help me earn $400 a month. I will release one extra for you guys including a visual to the song :D
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