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is creating illustration and stories
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Early releases and first reposts. Feel free to credit yourself as a patron. #supportartists

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About Alexxander Dovelin

First look at illustration and comics. Early repost benefits for your followers. Behind the scenes sketches with timelapse. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for all your support. 

🌙 Alexxander

How early is early access?
One month at least. I will not share work sooner than one month from posting. Some work I may never repost myself.

Why reposts? I've been thinking a lot about how Patreon, as a system, gatekeeps art. As a patron, you can to give your community access like a curator. Anyone not already a patron can follow you for early art, if you would like to share. Feel free to share what your support has grown, while opening the door for others.

Where can I repost? Any social you would like with credit. Feel free to promote yourself as a patron/curator when reposting. Patrons keep the art community growing, you deserve it.

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