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Hey Everybody,
I am a single Dad working full time and streaming the rest. Gaming has always been a passion and now I get to share that here on Mixer. Shooting games are what got me playing to begin with competitively and it's my main game of choice. Mainly streaming PUBG these days sprinkling in some Rocket League, Overwatch and Laser League (top 50 Blade get at me). Looking forward to BlackOps 4. Stay tuned and thanks for all your support!  All proceeds from my Mixer Channel (subs and donos) go 100% back into our streaming community in the form of giveaways and helping new up and coming streamers procure small items to help them with streaming (mics, cams, lights, etc)  Help me help us build a better streaming community.
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Help us reach our goal of $100 a month in subscriptions.  This will allow us to do weekly giveaways as well as a monthly donation to an up and coming streamer in the form of needed equipment and support.  Thank you as always helping us build a better streaming community.
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