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It may just be $2 for you, but it’s so much more to me :) Thank you for being one of my die hard fans. 

In this tier you will get as follows:

1: A username shoutout at the end credits of all of my videos. Under “Fans” :D

2: Access to my patron only posts. 

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This tier is for the MEGA FANS \(^-^)/

The tier rewards goes as follow:

1: You will each get one personalized shout out on my YouTube channel. Whether you would like it to be your Instagram, YouTube or Twitter username for example. You pick the time you would like the shoutout (Limit once per person). You will also have your username at the end of all of my videos. Right under “Mega Fans” :)

2: You will be invited to a Facebook page dedicated to you guys. I will post update videos on this page before I post full videos on YouTube.

On the page you can ask questions, talk and give feedback on the video to me directly. :) But I ask that you keep it civil and clean. This page will be run by me.

3: You will gain access to my patrons only posts.

4: Also, on the previously mentioned Facebook page. I will occasionally post jam sessions, freestyles and other videos that will not go on YouTube. So just you guys will see it!




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About Yamato Sasuke

Hello all: I am an aspiring beatboxer and music creator.

After watching thousands of YouTube videos over many years, I finally decided to take action to try to make my dreams come true.

To stop telling myself it's impossible, and to at least try to take the first step. A couple of months ago I did just that and started a YouTube channel. The quality is poor and the views are low, but I'm having so much fun. :)

I invite you to join me on my musical journey. From complete beginner to hopefully... a pro. (^-^) I hope you like what i have to offer.
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I’ve taken the first steps by creating my channel and putting content out there. The next and most crucial step is making that content, quality content. Any support that you can give me with this goal Is much appreciated. If you do, I promise you won’t regret it. :)
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