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This section is dedicated to my best supporters. Hope you feel  appreciated so  I am going to post as much as possible per week. 
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I am willing to give early access to all my future art work and designs to those of you that dig my work and are interesting in the next post.
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About Yann Nguessan

Hello to the worlds
I am the designer and founder of the online clothing line: Black Urban Nation . I created this page to give myself a chance to do what I like, the way I like it and for the people that support me every day. A bit of background check,my name is Yann and I am a 21 years old university student from Ivory Coast , Africa. I schooled for 4 years in Canada where I started graphic design as a hobby on  Instagram,   Twitter  and   Facebook .  I think by now I can be considered a semi-pro in graphic art. I have designed and produced t-shirts by myself. I frequently posting new designs and art works I do on my free time. I hope you find my work interesting enough for you to become my Patrons. Have a wonderful tour on this page. 
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When I reach 300 patrons. My goal will be to start producing and selling my clothing line to the world on my website .
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