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About Daniel Stitt


My name is Daniel and I'm the developer of 'Yet Another Pathfinder Character Generator' (YAPCG), an excel spreadsheet designed to help create and maintain characters for the Pathfinder Role Playing Game.

YAPCG will automatically calculate stats, attacks, skills and spells based on your race, class, feats and equipment. It supports a variety of archetypes, prestige classes, alternate racial traits and metamagic feats. You can apply spell effects, conditions, and class abilities such as Rage to your character and get updated statistics. You can use YAPCG at your table, or create a PDF or a hard copy.

YAPCG was first created in 2011 and I joined the project in late 2012. The other developer retired in 2014 and I've been building and maintaining the project more or less solo since then. This can take up as much time as I'm able to spend on it - there's a backlog of content to add, and I'm always looking for ways to improve the sheet in other ways.

This Patreon is a way for users to show their support for the project.  Donations will allow me to spend more time working on YAPCG.  Paizo's Community Use policy means that I can't offer anything special to contributors except my thanks.  But anything is appreciated and feel free to start or stop at any time.

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