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About Yarn Before Pharm

Yarn Before Pharm is a philosophy born from years of clinical depression and anxiety.  It has grown into an Etsy shop, and Twitch stream.  Come join me on twitch as we talk about crochet, video games, depression, and life in general.  On Twitch I have discussed everything from favorite yarn types, Jimmy the ghost who lives in my basement, and the passive aggressive war with my next door neighbor.   Even if you can't support financially I hope you can stop in and show support by chatting with me and my Yarn Stash.

I decided to begin a Patreon account to help offset some of the cost of maintaining the channel.  You know... yarn, computer, yarn, camera, thread... did I mention yarn?  Can't wait to get started.
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You know how I hate being on camera.  But $500 a month should be celebrated.  At $500 a month I will do a face cam AMA live on twitch.  Anyone will be welcome to come and ask questions.  I'll load the VOD onto the YouTube channel for future viewing.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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