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What $1.01 means ? 101 is term commonly used to describe guide, for beginners of all kinds. Clips from behind the scenes are great and cool, but not informative enough if you want to learn.

This pledge allows me to do the proper 101-Tutorial for everyone.

You see, what have i done? To learn something new can be fun.

Adblock Absolution Feeling guilty for blocking YouTube ads? Denying yashik the advertising revenue he has earned by his blood, sweat and tears?

"You are relieved, feel no more guilt."

Once again you are helping him to create content like what you've just seen. ^_~

Salute o7, Respect and Welcome

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Reward above

$3.00 is dedicated to fearless warrior with the spirit of true Spartan. *Heroic Act*

With your help, once we reach army of 300 members, king Leonidas will be summoned and madness will be coming with him.

We stand in front line, VIP Premiere, tactical advantage is our knowledge.

We are first who will be able to see what tomorrow's brings. 1day before content is publicly released.

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$5.05 is a sign of SOS. You are my beacon, who shines and guides my steps on this amazing quest.

Like holy paladin, you bring light into the dark corner of my life, thx 4 your help.




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About yashik



One dream, One journey, Live Action, Stop Motion, Special Effects and Art all in one web-series,... Learn more about » The Calling «

Who am i ? I'm Yashik...

the graphic guy, nice to meet you, hi hi hi... ^_~

Origin: EU, Slovakia, Father unknown... unwanted child, abandoned by his bio-mom, yet i'm glad, i've made it out without any physical harm... it's been hard, but luck was by my side... and at the end i've been adopted » JACKPOT !!! I've met people who cares.

With food, cloth and certain type of love, i've been blessed by the second chance, to live a decent life. Until this day, I'm grateful for the fact, they let me draw and paint world in the way how i see it in my mind...

I'm yashik  -  the graphic guy

Why I'm on Patreon ?

  To Share my passion and knowledge

Over the years of practice and dedication, i've improved my skills, worked for RTL, UbiSoft, MicroSoft and The one and only Marvel. I want to make content that's fun, inspirational and helpful to our society by:

  • Education, Entertainment, Art and Behind the scenes
  • Value focused on Family, Friendship, Healthy life style
  • Reasonable questioning of current modern trends
  • Mainstream or in-popular topics from other perspective
  • 101 tutorials, how is Photoshop and CGI Magic done

Explore more and follow these links bellow:

About The Calling   |   Brilliant Plan   |   Subscription   |   Hall of Fame   |   Workflow   |   Boost   |   Future   |  Rewards

Together to the top,   Become my Patron today!  and Join us in the club!

$3 of $25 per video
First episode of Kinder Surprise.
Featuring first supporters, on it's beginning before egg opening.

Your profile picture / name will appear stylized as it would be received as sms, with short text message.. example: What is inside? KinderSurprise?  Weee!

well, let's find out... !  :)

It will be opened together with Turflytle Mikey - buzz buzz ^_~

  • Building budged for main content, The Calling
  • Introduction of character in more depth
  • Some paintings and lot of Fun..
  • *secret guess will appear

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 56 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 56 exclusive posts
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