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thank u, i love & appreciate u very much. this will get u access to my patron-only feed which will basically just be like twitter but worse i think. u can answer polls, offer video suggestions, participate in Q&A's, just an all-round good time 

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access to my swanky patron-only instagram feed

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huge monthly newsletter with life updates, unseen photos, my current fav recipes, songs, movie reviews, sorta like a favourites video but in written form, and cuter 




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About Yasmin Johal

Hi! I'm Yasmin Johal, a 22 year old student & baby mama creating videos and blog posts when I should probably be doing something else. I talk in a pretty light-hearted and honest way about navigating motherhood as a young mum, alongside posts about vegan food, travel, or whatever else I'm up to.
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thank you sooo much!! this is my more 'realistic' goal which would mean i can focus a whole day per week on this self-employed sh*t!!
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