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About Yasser Otmani


I'm Yasser, the creator of a Youtube channel called Yasse Indie games which is entirely focused on the art of game creation !

Making games is a challenging task, especially if you're doing it alone ! Art, storytelling, design, programming, audio, animation... the list of skills required to bring a game to life can seem very daunting. And so my goal with Yasser Indie Games is to help you on your own epic game development journey using the amazing UNITY and CONSTRUCT 2 game engine !

On the channel, I Will Share game dev TUTORIALS, all of which are FREE !

-Making fun AI behaviors for games
- Making Games for Jams
- Character customization menus
- Player controllers - And LOTS MORE (2D Lighting, Making Water, Particle Effects...)
- Marketing Indie Games 

Sometimes, you may NOT be in need for a tutorial, but for INSPIRATION...
If that's the case then you'll find plenty on the channel ! I'm extremely passionate in sharing my own creative journey

All that may seem like a LOT of content, but it is but the beginning of what I hope will be a long, EPIC journey !

I have HUNDREDS of ideas zooming in my head, hungrily waiting to be made !
From brand new TUTORIAL series such as ANIMATING 2D GAME CHARACTERS USING UNITY to organizing COOL GAME DEV EVENTS (game jams, livestreams), you'll NEVER, and I mean NEVER, find me running out of ideas to help and inspire you in making your very own masterpiece !

So what is Patreon ?

Patreon is a way you can HELP me continue making regular game dev content (2 VIDEOS MINIMUM per WEEK) by donating a monthly payment which you can CANCEL at any time !

You'll end up paying me ONCE per month (the 1st of each month).

Why do I need the money ?

I'm HUNGRY to help game creators bring their visions to life ! I want to give the community the KNOWLEDGE and INSPIRATION it deserves by pouring my heart and soul into the channel and making quality, insightful game dev videos.

But I need TIME.

Without Patreon a large chunk of my time would be spent on work NOT related to the channel in order to earn money for food, rent and the like.
I want, with all my heart to work full time on My channel , that is why I need YOU to help me with your donations, so I can eat and pay bills while working on my passion : making games and helping YOU make yours !


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When I reach $25 I will open Google Play Store account To publish my Games
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