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About YAT-TUS Prod

Parodies and Johnny's love made to YouTube

**** WHO I AM and WHAT I DO****

Well hello, my sweet Summer Child!
I'm assuming you're here because you like J-pop.
If you don't...Hi, nice to meet you, have a seat.
Not this one.
That's my seat.

My name's Annabelle (but you can call me Anna). I'm French, from Reunion Island, live in London and have been in love with Asian pop culture/music since I was very little. Odd mix, I know. Stop being rude. Geez!

I started my Youtube channel in 2013 with parodies of the Hobbit and skits then focused on my one true love: J-pop and Johnny's. I make videos mainly about J-pop but I love to share skits, parodies and even travel vlogs. Don't worry, I always make English subtitles available on all the videos!

My style is very sarcastic, I'm a comedian at heart but never talk about things I don't love so don't get offended if I make jokes about your favourite band, it's all in good fun.  Remember that it's always made by a fan for fans!

What will I do with your donations?

Me joining Patreon is just me wanting to give a platform for those who want to support what I do. You don't have to of course, but if you do, that'd be great. But you don't have to. But again, please do, that'd be awesome! 

*Also, remember Ueda does boxing and surely you don't want to upset Him, right? RIGHT?* #UedaFTW

If you don't know who Tatsuya Ueda is (first of all, shame on you!) now would be a good time to watch this video . You're welcome ;) 

With every penny collected, I will be able to invest in more material for my videos:
  • getting a new camera to improve the visual of the videos, We did it!
  • getting more lights and better audio (especially for Livestreams), 
  • buying props and costumes (Muse-chan needs a new dress, you know)
  • or simply getting a better laptop to edit faster (so you get more videos and I can go to bed earlier!)

: No, the money won't be used to pay my royal tushie a holiday in Ueda's mansion.

If you have a question, a request, a comment, a suggestion feel free to drop me a message. It might take me a little while if it's a super busy editing time, but I will always reply.

If my videos make you laugh or smile, please don't hesitate to like, share or recommend them. It's always nice to have feedback and it helps to bring people together :)

We've come a long way with this channel and it's all thanks to you guys. I can't wait to see where this new adventure takes us, even Toast-kun is excited about this! 


Time to pick your team now:
Who will you be?
A Junior, a Jumpette, a Kisumette or a Hyphenette?

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FACEBOOK: http://tinyurl.com/qgfv2r4
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/yat_tus
INSTAGRAM: @spinelie974
TUMBLR: http://sunildoz.tumblr.com/
LIVEJOURNAL: http://spinelie.livejournal.com/

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