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This is just a test. In the future, when I launch my new podcasts (soon!) and I'd also like to create scholarships for podcasters. Pardon me while I get the lay of the land. 
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Say thanks for the content and all things with a little patronage. 
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At this tier, I can afford to drink a cup of Kona while working on each episode. I *really* love Kona, but it's a gazillion dollars per pound. 
Media & Web Hosting
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Help cover the cost of hosting all the things. You'll also be helping cover the cost of website maintenance, which I have a guy help me with... because I push wrong buttons ALL THE TIME.  
Pay Michael for Editing
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Michael is an incredibly awesome audio dude that saves me from having to listen to myself talk for hours on end. He makes the first round of edits to the podcast and gives me necessary feedback to improve the show. I'll be the first to say he doesn't get paid enough.

Let's give Michael a raise! 
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This will go a long way to cover hosting and editing! 
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You're helping with ALL THE THINGS in a BIG WAY!!! 
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You're making it possible to produce an entire episode from start to finish...because you're AMAZING!
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You'll become an official Associate Producer. You'll get credited at the end of each episode, a link in the show notes and kudos on the socials.

You'll be helping tremendously with the production costs of each episode.
Podcaster Scholarship
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With this donation, you'll support one deserving podcaster in their production efforts. They'll get their show edited by Ya Ya Podcasting (up to 4 shows a month) with monthly coaching.
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You'll get 1 ad read or 1 ad insertion in each episode of Just Podcasting, plus links in the show notes and social media promotions. 

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