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Are you curious about discovering secrets of happiness and growth? Are you interested in more openly and joyously expressing yourself, improving your health, your relationships, and the world around you? Would you like to bear witness to the vulnerable process of an artist developing new work? Join my cult!

My name is Yazan, and please allow me to explain: the culture of openness, connection, and growth that I have explored and immersed myself in over the past few years has allowed me to thrive and blossom. I've learned how art and open expression are important tools that empower regular people to transform themselves and their worlds. This expressive culture has been crucial to my continued evolution and to my ability to constructively impact those around me. I'm launching this Patreon to share my understanding and my latest work with patrons who are interested in my expressions and in their own personal development.

You might know me as a singer, guitarist, and songwriter. I've released three LPs, including 2018's Hahaha on Exploding in Sound Records, and I've played guitar for many world-class bands and comedy acts, including John Early, Pile, Bethlehem Steel, Anna McClellan, MC Paul Barman, Justin Dean Thomas, Holy Sons, and many others. For me, music has been a crucial outlet and learning tool. Its accessibility allows anyone to learn how to live expressively, and how to effectively communicate with and collaborate with others. As a self-taught musician, I am passionate about sharing how lessons from my musical education have helped me in so many other aspects of my life.

As I prepare to work on my next album, I'm entering a new phase of my creative career. I'm seeking community-minded patrons who are interested in: an exclusive window into my unique and arcane creative practices, fun personalized rewards, my most intimate insights into my own happiness and well-being, early access to my work, and much more. Your voice will help guide my creative direction, and the financial stability you provide me with will allow me to explore some of my other modes of expression as a

Throat singer
Thought leader
Motivational speaker
Podcast host
Community advocate
Spiritual guide
Life coach

Join me on my journey to get a first-hand look at my latest work and creative process. I'll delve into new realms, shedding light onto ideas and values that let me continue to grow while also helping you along your journey too. I hope you'll join me -- my cult is safe and abounds with joy and discovery! Thank you for reading and for your support!
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I'll be able to buy and make payments on a tour vehicle! Something I can live out of at the very least, but something to easily transport a three-piece band and equipment and merch would be ideal.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
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