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Welcome to the Gaming Adventure Center!!! My channel features my ADVENTURE ISLAND series in minecraft as well as other minecraft let's plays. Another highlight is my ARK Survival Evolved series, where I play with Finnball!!!  Join me and embark on various quests in the Minecraft and ARK let's plays!!! These quests will require viewer responses to help me in my journeys. If successful, and you all show your enthusiasm with subscriptions, I hope to create another series called QUEST GUEST where a lucky subscriber and fan will be invited to my series and given a mini QUEST to accomplish!!!!! SUBSCRIBE and LIKE to be added as one of my fellow Adventurers!!!!!  All the funding support will go directly back into my channel to improve content and maintain recording equipment!  Thank you so much for any support!  you guys are the greatest!!!
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Welcome Adventurers!

You'll have access to the patron-only activity feed where we can chat, I’ll post updates, and respond to your comments and questions as best as possible!
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I’ll share all sorts of extra stuff - pictures, videos, random surprises - and give you guys the first sneak peek at what cool things we have in the works. Plus previous reward.
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I’ll give you a shout-out on stream as applicible when you become a patron, and for all your milestones (birthday, graduation, holiday wishes, etc.) Plus all previous rewards.
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You’re invited to a monthly live stream where we chat on Google Hangouts and you can ask questions and interview me. Plus all previous rewards.
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You’re in the credits

I’ll add your name to the credits of all my videos, as a member of  “The Adventurers Guild”! Plus all previous rewards.
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Personal video message

Twice a year, I’ll send you a personal video message - a birthday wish, a greeting for a friend, etc... and a one time signed real life photo of me doing something cool!. Plus all previous rewards.
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I will make a special video to say thank you specifically to all you wonderful Patrons!!!
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