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About Yessika Marmol

Bonjour! Hola! Hey there!
Thanks for joining in on the action! We're going to create some awesome stuff together and I hope you join me on my adventures around the world!

I'm Yessika, a Puerto Rican living in Paris that has a media company called Urban Media Factory.

My goal for 2018 is to upload daily -or at least weekly- to my YouTube channel Curls Around the World, but I need your support!

Over there I'll talk about how to upgrade your photography game, how to travel in luxury on a budget, and some fitness tips sprinkled in.

What is this PATREON thing and what's so good about it?

Patreon is a platform that helps artists like me receive compensation for all the hard work put into delivering high-quality and useful content to the people who appreciate it the most.

These 'Patrons' know that it takes a lot of work, time, and considerable expenses to create consistent content that is up to their standards. Patreon is created so that creators can buy a better camera so you Patrons can appreciate the details more, or a microphone so you can hear me better or even a new assistant to help produce more for you.

Patreon also allows us to interact in very awesome and personal ways such as allowing you to vote on things like what my next trip should be, what I should vlog next, and even vote on which photo I should post on  Insta!

And to thank you for your support, I give extra love to those here on Patreon by keeping them updated on things going on in my personal life, raw photos and video clips that didn't make the cut for a proper b/vlog and a lot more, like postcards, calendars and even free trips and events!


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When I get 25 Patrons I'll do something extreme and adventurous like skydiving, race car driving or SCUBA diving.

I will also start live streaming more of my daily life.
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