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About Kylie Yeigh

Hi, my name is Kylie Yeigh!  I'm hoping I can reach some kind of financial independence through my art to give me more time to produce and share projects.  Every cent made through Patreon will allow me to devote my time to solely creating work.

Currently my main focus is my up-and-coming magical girl webcomic Ribbon Wish!  It focuses on a girl named Kindle, who has had a long time fascination with wishes, and her growth when she receives magical powers one fateful night.  The story will be full of friendship and laughs, along with tears and surprises.  Ribbon Wish stays true to the magical girl genre and style, following influences like Sailor Moon, Tokyo Mew Mew, Madoka Magica, and Magic Knight Rayearth!  

If you are interested in my work, comics, animations, and story-telling, please consider supporting me!  Every patron will have access to concept work and will be kept up to date on my projects, with higher tiers earning bigger rewards!  Thank you so much for your time!
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If this milestone is reached I can consider art my full-time job and create at a very frequent rate!  Ribbon Wish would update 3 times a week, and I would make monthly processes and tutorials.  This also opens the possibility of starting other comic titles and having them run simultaneously with Ribbon Wish.
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