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is creating Zombie Cat Invasion
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About yiran park

Hey. I am Yiran.
I am currently making a comic "Zombie Cat Invasion". It's a graphic novel about a cat named "Tiger" who turned into a zombie cat from an artificial virus created by mysterious cataliens from outer space. What do the cataliens want? Destroy Everything on Earth. 

My graphic novel will be uploaded on Line Webtoons starting March 2019, with the support of my patrons. My big plan is to finish Zombie Cat Invasion graphic novel before the Christmas 2019, then publish it on Amazon! 

I currently work full-time as a graphic novel artist.
but it really depends on my readers. I wish to continue making comics and make this my career. If you want to support me financially, you can do so by becoming my patron. 

You pledge to donate a certain amount of money per month. And in return, I provide extra stuff to you, my amazing readers! How much you donate depends on which tier you choose from the two.

Still not sure how it works? Please check Patreon FAQ for more details :) 

I appreciate every bit of your support! 
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Wow, thank you all. Really, I mean it. This is such a huge blessing. When I reach 100 patrons, I will buy a new shinier faster MacBook Pro which will improve my workflow.
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