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Yoga saved my soul!
In unravelling all the various physical complications I used to have through this revolutionary practice, I have discovered that the BODY ITSELF contains all the wisdom and truth of the ages - and this simple but beautiful process has helped me rediscover MYSELF - my true self and my true calling.... And it is this potential that I wish to share with the world.
So I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me.  And by joining my close-knit community of dedicated body-mind explorers and truth-seekers,  you will have first access to all that I share.    You will also be supporting the ongoing production of my free content.
As a Patron of my work, it will be your questions that I answer on my  'Yoga Solutions' videos; If you would like to work with me directly, you will have  first call on mat spaces for workshops, retreats and other events, and you can have access to online courses or private tuition at discounted rates too. 
As the patreon community expands  I will also be offering different tiers of support where people can gain FREE access to all of my online courses as well, and I will post monthly behind-the-scene personal discoveries on my Patreon page as they occur -  content that will be exclusive for you... Welcome!

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