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About Yoguely

Who is Yoguely?

Yoguely is a Website and YouTube channel that focuses on actionable leadership training and engineering strategies.

Hi there! My name is Aida Yoguely.

In everything we do, we believe in fulfillment through value.

The way we create value is by engineering our multimedia content to be accessible, useful, and enjoyable.

We create motivational stories like this one and make educational videos this one below.

Why do we need your help?

High quality blog posts and YouTube videos that are both good and created fast, are expensive.

Yoguely aims to deliver consistent entertaining and educational web content.

But, we need the ability to focus all our energy on writing, capturing, editing, and distributing the fascinating next-level concepts that make a real impact.

This process consumes a great amount of time and requires a budget. By supporting us, you will provide the safety and stability we need to pursue our dream full-time.

And as a patron, you'll enjoy special perks!

How can you help?

Sign up via Patreon and make your contribution by choosing your reward. 

Pledge as much as you like!

Where will the funds go?

Your support will go towards taking my articles and videos to the next level! With frequent uploads, higher production quality, and new exciting content! 

The Patreon income will fund the crew, the storyboarding, travel expenses, production equipment, editing, animations, and more. Larger investments will fund more ambitious projects such as collaborations, competitions, and eventually enable ad-free content.

As ambitious human beings, we can promise you that we will be doing the best we can to give back to this community.

You are all amazing. Thank you for your ongoing support, we very much appreciate it. 


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