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A hearty thanks to all ye who enter here. While I do note suggestions wherever they may come from, if you join this tier I will... doubly listen to any suggestions you may have? And I guess you can have a coloured name in the Discord server.

>Discord role

Vegetable Salesperson
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Doublethanks to you! You shall be granted access to the Hall of Polls, a hallowed temple in which they say you can vote for features in the game! Will this tree attack with flailing geese or microtrebuchets? The denizens of the Hall of Polls shall be the ones to decide!

>Access to occasional polls

Agricultural Monopolist
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Quintuplethanks to you! Occasionally I will need to give something a name and a pun is not readily available. In these instances I shall either give the item in question the obvious name "Boring Stick Of Boringness" or name it after someone in the pool of A.Monopolists "HollowSlate Stick"

>Get stuff named after you




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Ahoy! I am Yokcos, the guy what makes No Pain No Grain, a bullet hell farming game. I notice that you've found yourself on my patreon page which means that you are a cool and rad individual. Congratulations on that status, your coolrad medal is in the mail as we speak.
You may be interested in my Discord server or in dropping a couple of monies to help along the development of this novel videogame ('twould be much appreciated), or maybe you just wanted to know what No Pain No Grain was. The latest demo is also available on itch.io for no fee.

NPNG is a bullet hell farming game. More specifically, the plants are shooting you. This seems like one of the more interesting ways to mash these two genres together because this means that much of that which shoots you is deployed by you the player. Hubris is a more than valid cause of death.

Why would I plant plants if they're going to shoot me?
Same reason you plant stuff in other farming games: You get resources from them when they grow up. Dodging bullets is simply a hurdle that must be overcome before said loot can be acquired.

I need to know more!
That's not a question but since you yelled so nicely I do have a platter of links here for you:
[ Discord | Twitter | Itch | Site | Youtube ]

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