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I love just one dollar supporters, It can build up after a while, but the reality of the situation is I can't live on 12 dollars each year. I can more realistically pay for things with 120 a year. It may not seem like a lot to live off of, but I save money. This tier mean you get an art commission each month, which I'll showcase. It'll give you a discord link too. 




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About Rain Hyden

I'm just a small town girl.... okay seriously though my name is Rain (commonly known as Ren) and I make art for others as well as stream video games and talks about current trends. Money helps me pay for what I need in order to please you guys with my content, so contribute if you feel like you wanna see me turn into a wicked edgy butterfly.

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Once I reach 100 patrons, I will stream for 12 hours straight with the patrons (if wanted) and talk to everyone. I'll also do a huge art gallery of each individual with me. 
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