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About Bea Ritter

Hi, I'm Bea!!!

I'm a Maryland based comic artist working on my webcomic, Goeston Presence, as well as other one-off comics!
Goeston Presence is a mystery comedy-horror comic about a high school club, investigating the mysteries of the small town of Goeston. Follow Francine, the pentaclops that needs some anger management, and Ian, who wishes he was at home, in their journey to discover what, exactly, is going bump in the night. There are ghosts, monsters, witches, and more! Can the Investigation Club reconcile all the mysteries of their tiny, forgotten town? And when push comes to shove... will they want to?

I really want to share the rest this story with you, and so much more, but I need your help! In order to have enough time and energy to make comics regularly, I need to cut back on day job hours. This is where you come in! By pledging, you'd be helping me fulfill my dreams and be able to regularly work on comics and other art to share with everyone!! In turn, you'll get an up close and personal look at my process, sketchbook pages, and even a weekly personal comic! Just for you guys!! Take a gander over at the reward tiers for more info on those.

I really hope you'll consider pledging for me, and Goeston Presence. Thanks so much!!

Goeston Presence Comic (completed works)
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If I reach $100 a month I can do a weekly personal comic for patrons! Hooray!!!!
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