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About Moh

Hi, we are a group of students from Thailand and Nepal and we are making a documentary to creatively empower young girls in Nepal.

Moh - women empowerment has always bee something really close to my heart and is something I want to contribute to making a change. I learn that media can be another tool that I can express my creativity while making impacts so I decided to use this opportunity while I'm volunteering in Nepal to learn more about women situation here and create a documentary as a response to that. I believe in exposure and inspiration and I hope to inspire young girls in Nepal to believe in their potential and that girls can do it too.

Simron - As someone who spent 12 years of her life among female companions in an all-girls school, the awareness of what women are capable of has always been crystal clear to me. Growing up in Nepal, not only did I witness how strong women present in my own life took charge of their destinies but, I was also made aware about numerous injustices and harassments that other women in the Nepalese society have gone through. Seeing that today, the number of females from quite a young age are rising up to make long due changes in the society, voice out their ideas and construct a life of their own desires, I feel as though getting their stories out could inspire a lot of other even younger girls to believe that if you work hard enough, you can do anything and you can be anyone. To get this message across to our fellow female Nepalese, I find that teaming up with like-minded individuals could produce something worthwhile and inspiring.

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