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You can check my work on: Facebook | World Cosplay | Instagram

Hey everyone! ^^

I've been cosplaying since 2011. Cosplay is my passion and I'd love to share it with you. Thank you for dropping by my patreon! :D
I love creating things and bringing my (and hopefully yours) favorite characters to life. I'm a detail-freak and I adore making big things with many little details. I'm also very fond of trying on new techniques and mastering new materials and I always try to go for historical accuracy in my outfits.
Apart from making my cosplays, I love teaching other people to work with different materials and techniques. I'm always open if you come to me for help with your projects and I love to use my 5 years of experience (most of them trying out things) to help new cosplayers make their dream cosplays faster :D

Why patreon?
As an industrial design student, it has become increasingly difficult to make new cosplays since most of my funds are spent on school work and it takes me a while to save up for what is now my hobby.
Through patreon I hope to get your support to work together and bring many more characters to life. Each time I hope to make something bigger and even more amazing so every little help you can give me goes a long way on the construction of my projects :'D

Where does the money go to?
I'd love to make even more content for your entertainment as well as create more tutorials. More video tutorials, wips, photoshoots, etc will be possible with your help. In exchange I'd love to use my abilities to the best to provide you with enjoyable rewards.

Let's create art together :)
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Meka activated!
Help me complete my biggest project ever:'s MEKA from Overwatch :)
I plan for it to be really awesome and functional and your help would make it come out a lot easier!
This objective has my name written all over it ;D
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 24 exclusive posts
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