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What is this?
This is the Patreon for yosb’s Hetalia mafia AU. This was born out of my #APH Mafia Fam AU tag from 2016. I colloquially refer to the project as “Eastern Promises” in tribute to David Cronenberg’s 2007 film (the inspiration powderkeg), but its official name is “The World Belongs to You.”

Here are some of the earliest works from 2016 originally posted on my Tumblr.

I post my drafts, sketches, illustrations, merchandise, and related media/research for this story here. At the time of posting, the content is SFW, but I anticipate transitioning into adult themes and content in the near future. The rating will be updated to reflect this change when it occurs.

I don’t have a sexy blurb for this title yet. I like to think it’s a story about crime, families, and the people involved who live and die. Here’s to life! -- and its many deaths.

What have we done here?
With the support of my wonderful patrons, I compiled my concept art and sketches into an art book and produced merch to show at Winter Comiket 2017 and several other conventions in mainland China and Hong Kong the following 2018 calendar year while a full-time freelance/convention artist.

The art book had a limited run, and I’m not sure I’ll reprint it later, but I am definitely looking forward to releasing more print media related to this AU.

What will we do?
Moving forward in 2019, I’m aiming to exit the Artist Alley space (save for a few big shows) and rebalance my freelance/consulting client work to make more room and time to prioritize original projects such as this one (yes, I’m counting this crude spinoff as original!). I’m hoping to have more concrete and achievable goals for you all, the readers.

In addition to creating art, I’m experimenting with prose, storyboarding, sequential art/comics, and the visual novel form to tell this story. Affiliated sites will be updated accordingly.

At the moment, most WIP's occur over the private Discord channels accessible only to Patrons. I aim to post round-ups of these images in weekly Monday batches. All other related media/content/interaction/text posts get posted to Patreon and Discord simultaneously.

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