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About YoYoTricks.com

Why teach people how to yoyo?

We founded YoYoTricks.com to teach people how to yoyo. The yoyo has been such an incredibly positive addition to each of our lives. Sharing that same joy and camaraderie is what keeps us motivated to produce the best yoyo videos in the world.
In an age where we spend so much time in front of screens, having a pocket-friendly diversion that engages our physical and mental dexterity has been, for so many of us, the thing we never knew we needed until we found it.

A toy, but so much more

Modern yoyo play is miles apart from what most people imagine when they think of yoyoing. Today, yoyos can sleep several minutes long, making complex and beautiful maneuvers possible that were previously unimaginable. Innovative players over the last 20 years have also developed new styles of yoyo play that completely change the game for those looking for an extra challenge: two yoyos at a time, yoyos that come off the string, and even a style where the yoyo is not attached to the player's hand.

What we do

The tutorials on our YoTricks YouTube channel are the main way we help people start and grow in their yoyo journey. On YouTube we also do our best to answer as many specific questions our viewers might have in the comments, and recently many of our long-time users have been stepping up to help new players on their journey as well!
We also run a yoyo store on YoYoTricks.com to make it easy for players to get reliably excellent yoyos and accessories, so that nothing will hold them back from becoming as skilled as they desire.

How you can help?

By contributing to our Patreon campaign, you will be helping us continue to create the best content we can. Beyond this, supporters will also be given voting privileges to help us decide what tutorials and tutorial series to focus on next. Supporters at higher tiers will also be able to contribute their own tricks and ideas to us, which we will then learn and teach, giving credit within the video to those who have contributed.
And this is just the beginning. As our support grows we hope to take everything we do to the next level. Increased support will allow us to develop more unique yoyos, longer and more in-depth content, and maybe even a long-form historical documentary about yoyos. Like the yoyo itself, with your help the possibilities of what we can achieve together are limitless.

Thank you!

Whether you become a Patron or just enjoy our content on YouTube, thank you for taking the time to engage with our work. As much as we enjoy making these videos, everything is so much more gratifying when we can see how much they are benefiting our viewers. Thank you for the opportunity!
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Trick Module System

Many players have wondered where to go after learning the "First 50" recommended tricks on our site. Once we reach this goal we plan to build a robust Trick Module system based on video game RPG skill trees. Basically, players can level up their skills based on elements and techniques they enjoy most. Like slack tricks? Then level up through our level 1, 2, and 3 slack modules to become a slack trick master. Like chopsticks, grinds, speed combos? We'll have modules for those and other tricks as well.
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