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About Non Wels

You, Me, Empathy - The Patreon Page!

(After you watch the video, please read below for details on why I created You, Me, Empathy.)

My name is Non Wels, and I'm the creator and host of You, Me, Empathy: Sharing Our Mental Health Stories. (I am not a mental health professional; I am a feely human like yourself.) I created You, Me, Empathy because I care deeply and wholeheartedly about fostering awareness for mental health. I want to create a safe space for us feely humans to embrace empathy and vulnerability and kindness as we attempt to navigate this wayward, often overwhelming, and awe inspiring pale blue dot. 

You, Me, Empathy is a place for us to engage empathetically and talk openly about our mental health struggles in hopes that we can find healing together, and promote healing for those listening who may be experiencing similar struggles.

I'm here because I almost died once. I'm here because I care deeply about mental health awareness and the need for us to talk openly about our struggles. That's how we grow and connect with each other. That's how we can embrace empathy and kindness and compassion.

It took me a long, long time to figure out how to open up, to release control of what I called my "Heart Guard." Through writing and therapy and heaps of introspection, I discovered the beauty and power of actually sharing my thoughts and feelings and emotions with others. I was able to find peace in that. I struggle still with depression and anxiety and self-hate and feeling like a burden, but I have better emotional and mental tools to deal with those things.

Think of You, Me, Empathy as one of those emotional and mental tools to help you find solemnity in the darkness and comfort in a safe space of humans like yourself. If you feel strongly about mental health awareness and embracing empathy and vulnerability, please consider supporting You, Me, Empathy.

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