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About YouN00b

The YouN00b Rust Server provides a place for inexperienced, experienced, new, old, male, female, everyone a place to play Rust in a community enviroment while still enjoying the basics of Rust gameplay. Many grow tired of the constant struggle on official servers, but don't want to play strictly PVE or PVP. YouN00b combines the two together to provide a PVE during the day and PVP at night. Running a server with such unique rules takes a lot of admin moderation, so we have incorporated a Discord channel where players can notify admins of rule breakers and/or just have normal conversations. We actively ban those to upset the enviroment by breaking rules or try to bend the rules on the grey areas. Banned players have thier inventory distrubuted among the community players. We are asking for donations to keep the server running, and help support admins time.
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