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About Natasha Younge

The Younge Hollywood Blast began in October 2011 as a digital publication created by Natasha Younge (myself) on

This independent media publication provides a platform for those who are most often overlooked: new and under-represented talent in all fields of entertainment. It champions the work of emerging Hollywood, all while staying at the leading-edge of trends in digital entertainment, highlighting indie film, web series, and much more.

Placing two years in a row and then winning in the category of #digitalmedia at the Shorty Awards in 2014 was a community effort. subsequently offered the Blast a brand ambassadorship, which has allowed us to continue publishing your news for free! This unique act of generosity in turn inspired Natasha deeply to continue finding wider visibility for the growing community of news-makers.

Through community development, the Blast became a space where new voices from all genres of entertainment can be heard discussing their films, web series, acting projects and even crowdfunding.

Here is a sample of what we've accomplished here over the last five years:

Now on a brand new website, and stretching into social media platforms, like Instagram, the Blast’s steady audience is growing. And so is my passion for helping our loyal news-making community.

Next on the agenda is always raising your visibility.

In order to have the freedom to innovate, share your news in your own words, maintain the new website, and personally manage and facilitate our community group online, your support would contribute much.

Do you believe in the importance of keeping new and under-represented voices to the forefront in media about entertainment?

Then, I urge you to help the on-going development by either choosing a monthly show of support today (starting at $1), or by sharing our Patreon page.

Thank you!

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