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About You're Too Show

NOTE: This Patreon is currently in a beta phase! If you somehow found this yourself (wow, good job!!) you're welcome to subscribe, but I can't currently guarantee the newsletter (or that the episodes are coming out in an immediate, timely manner.) We'll post this page more publicly when we're confident that will happen.

Hi, friends!

We're Nick and Caleb, and we host You're Too Show, where we give the television, games, and movies you loved as a kid fresh eyes and critical attention. We want your help to make our show even better!

Characters like Sonic the Hedgehog, Kirby, Yugi, and the Power Rangers inspired collections, obsessions, fandoms, and thanks to streaming platforms are still affecting kids even today. We want to know what their legacies actually contain, from a critical standpoint: what makes them so powerful, and what do they say about us as a culture? Plus we like to tell jokes.

YTS has been running on and off since October 2016, and we want your help to change that into a permanent on. Recording equipment, episode hosting, editing, and now working in different states costs time and money -- both of which we've had to cover so far on our own. We hope you'll be able to help!

First, the fun stuff: patrons of YTS will get the opportunity to suggest and vote on topics we study, and will receive a special newsletter every month during one of our episode off-weeks. Plus, you'll get to join a small community of kind & fun people who love the same things you do, and you're helping us make the show we've always dreamed of making.

Our main goal is to overcome the money part of time-and-money. Your contribution could help spread the burden of paying for recording & hosting the episodes online, which makes the show more sustainable and reliable for everyone! This goal is low: only $50/month. If ten of our listeners donate $5/month, we'll break even on the technical cost. That's $5 for around three hours of content every month. Cheaper than a movie!

Next, our goal is to meet the value of our time. We work hard to get you a strong, snappy, and fun episode every week, which takes a lot longer than the final runtime of the show itself. $250/month would be roughly the Georgian minimum wage for our time, if we were one single person. $5 from just 50 listeners would give us space for exciting YTS-related side projects and experiments. You'd help elevate You're Too Show into something like an actual job, which would benefit us, the show, and ultimately you in a huge way.

Check out the membership tiers for more information, and know that anything you can contribute will help. We're going to make this show either way because we love doing it, but your support will make the show bigger, better, and more sustainable.

Thank you!
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Meeting this goal would mean we'd break even on the technical production costs of the show. That's a huge step toward keeping the show sustainable. Thank you! When we meet this goal we'll begin writing our monthly newsletter, published on the podcast's off-week for our patrons at $5 and above.
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