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Domo Arigato!
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Patrons who contribute $1 or more have our unending thanks!  It's because of the support of you and others like you that fun local events like ours can continue to exist!  You will also be able to keep up with any updates we post here on Patreon!

A Large Cast of Colorful Characters!
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Patrons who contribute $5 or more will get the benefits of the previous tier, plus shout-outs before or after presentations.  Fans from the days of folded up movie tickets might remember we used to do something similar.  What this means is that whatever your "Patreon name"* happens to be, we'll say it.  In front of everyone.  No shame.  Because we love you.  ;)

*(A quick note:  if it's anything TOO crass or crazy, we simply won't say it - c'mon everybody, let's keep it fun!)

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Patrons who contribute $10 or more will get the rewards listed in the previous two tiers, but will be given the chance to win additional prizes at events (or sometimes even receive a small prize just for showing up!)




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Your Local Anime Club has a long history in San Antonio of providing anime themed events and is supported entirely by contributions from you, our amazing anime community! Without you, there is no possible way we could have lasted this long, or have become the nonprofit entity that we are today thank you so much!!

As we head into this new era, we are faced with many new challenges. We're ready to take those challenges head on for you, but we need your support now, possibly more than we ever have.

Venues: one of the largest challenges we face is that there is no venue (that we're aware of) that is popular, easily accessible by the majority of our community and fans, that is 100% free to use - we still would very much like to keep our anime events and screenings free to attend, but with the expense of renting venues, it becomes more and more difficult to make that dream a reality.

But what if it didn't have to be that way?
That's where you come in! Yes you! When we all pitch in, many hands can make light work of any challenge! Consider signing up for one of the subscription tiers listed here on our patreon page! Not only will you get fun rewards now, but as time goes on we may even add bigger tiers with even better rewards! You'll be able to keep up with us as we grow our event, and as we reach our goals - additional events, meetups, and screenings can gradually be added to our schedule in places all over san antonio!

Remember, when you contribute to our cause, you're not just helping fund an Anime Night just for yourself, you're also helping to provide a place to belong for many others within your own community!

For all those young fans, coming up in the world with no place to be themselves.  For parents who want a place to connect with their kids (no matter their age!). For the awesome service men and women who might be new to town, but looking for other friendly people that share their hobbies. This is for them too! 

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and become an active member of your anime community, let's head the charge on this growing anime revolution! Thank you!
Host, Event coordinator, Anime curator, and now - president,
Your Local Anime Club, INC.
$227 of $400 per month
Steady as we go!
If we could reach this goal, not only could we fulfill requirements for each of our reward tiers,  but we could successfully and confidently fund a regular, monthly, and completely FREE event that is open to the public! Anything  more would be saved and funneled into making additional "every so often" events happen.  :)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 47 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 47 exclusive posts

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