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My name is Kelsey and I make comics. All my life I have doodled in margins and dreamed up storylines that never went anywhere. As I've gone through life, graduated college, and lived in the "adult world," I realized nothing has ever made me happier than telling stories and making worlds. I cannot stop now that I have started, and look forward to sharing my art with you.

My main joy at the moment is making my comic "Your Soul Sucks," a fun disgusting romp through a victorian esque, multicultural world filled with demons and weird magic. I work traditionally, using the comic creation methods of old, ie: India ink, pen nibs, bristol board, graphite, and inking brushes. All tone work is done via digital as the traditional materials are a struggle to acquire. The first issue of my work is already completed in pen and ink, and I am in the process of digitally adding tones and grey scale. The entire book will be released for free on my site, Please feel free to give it a look!

I am just starting out on my journey into the professional art world, and your participation (in any form or fashion) makes me beyond excited for what the future holds!

Lots of love,



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