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is creating a series of fantasy/historical novels about a girl with a sword.

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I've always been interested in mythologies and historical mysteries, which contributed to my love of travel. I've traveled in over 150 countries, can have a conversation in thirteen languages, and had a lot of crazy adventures.

I started writing a memoir about all the times I almost died (because when you've traveled in over 150 countries and almost died a few times, everyone says you should, although no one ever promises to actually read it) but found I preferred to give my stories and experiences to someone else, and so I've come up with a series of books that are an epic fantasy/sci fi/historical mashup that spans the world and a large chunk of history. These stories are suitable for children and adults.

I am raising money for editorial service, artwork, and publishing costs. If you are interested in becoming a beta reader, please let me know.

If you are still with me, I am pleased to introduce:

Paladinne. Claviger of Qataban. Demon Dealer. The Bloody Harridan. Black Marid. Ticar. Annihilator of Armies. Ravenshield. Her friends just call her Zax. She is a combination of Xena and Lara Croft, with a little Buffy added in for snark. Quantamly entangled with her soul mate when they were pulled from their world, they are thrown from one dire and ludicrous situation to another in a strange, new world of made even more bizarre by deities, monsters, and mythological creatures that feel free to meddle.

Ruckus, the first book, introduces the main characters and gets everything set up. Every other book will deal with a history, mythology, and artifact from a different part of the world, weaving together a tale of Zax’s distant past, recent past, and the present. Villains are pitted against Zax, Hellion (a sentient sword cursed by Hel’s Hunger to embody Vengeance), and a loyal brigade of vagabonds and pirates. I love puzzles and anagrams, so a lot of the location names are plays on words or anagrams of real places in history.

There won't be any long waits for a book or the next book as all of the planning is finished, and a good portion of the writing is already done. The following are brief summaries/bullet points for each book.

RUCKUS - A phoenix and Thuận Thiên are resurrected, a demon is evicted, and a tree of life is restored in Son Doong. Zax unleashes the Bloody Harridan’s fleet - Chimera, crewed by Djinn, Argo crewed by supernaturals, Naglfar, crewed by draugar, and Caleuche, crewed by the Dread Drowned. A complicated, convoluted plan is revealed. Time travel, oops. Not part of the plan, or maybe it was the whole time.

BOOK 2 - Location: Sotomemopia. Relic: Tablet of Destiny.
Time travel to Mesopotamia in the distant past. The Dreamscape. Tiamat as a young girl. Waking Qataban. Marduk steals the Tablet of Destiny, forces Tiamat to serve him, and curses her 11 children. A devastating betrayal. A shape shifter with a short attention span is not reliable transportation. Zax steals the Tablet of Destiny back. A curse fit for a god.

BOOK 3 - Location: Kemet. Relic: Sandglass.
Ra loses his Ba. Menhit becomes She Who Slaughters. The Book of Thoth, not a bestseller. The life and death (but not really) of Alexander the Great. A war over Qataban, ends in the death (really) of a god. Sailing aboard Argo with the supernaturals. Battles with soulless soldiers at the Pyramids, Heliopolis, and Alexandria. Ra gets his Ba back. Alexander wakes.

BOOK 4 - Location: Sankhoi. Relic: Snakestone.
Murdered mythological creatures. Missing rivers in Tanindrazana (Africa). Mokele-Mbembe. Some friends from Qataban help dredge new rivers. The last Koo-be-Eng disappears. Sailing aboard El Caleuche, captained by a man formerly known as Jones, and a crew of Dread Drowned. Hyena Men. Finding the old ones in Ngorongoro, the Congo, Mosi-oa-Tunya, and Lake Tanganyika. The last Koo-be-Eng returns, and he’s not alone.

BOOK 5 - Location: Rus and Sib Ir. Relic: Koschei's Egg.
Travel via swimming magical waterways (Mparntwe, Norn’s Well, Cenotes, River Styx.) Baba Yaga has amnesia, and needs help finding her kidnapped and imprisoned brother, Koschei. A drinking contest with Perepllut, goddess of alcohol. Vlad the Impaler battles Koschei the Deathless. Blood auroras and totem poles come to life. The byzantine way to Buyan. A deadly bite. Simargl is unchained.

BOOK 6 - Location: Umayyad. Relic: Seal of Muhribaam.
Travel via magic carpet. Zax steals, er, borrows the sun to stop a war. Djinn create the Hanging Gardens. Amazons. Zax becomes the Black Marid and frees the Djinn. How Chimera came to be crewed by Sinbad and Djinn. The Tower of Babel. The tears of a karkadann and the music of a shadhavar.

BOOK 7 - Location: Eire. Relic: Crow's Cauldron.
Travel by climbing from one World Tree to another (Gaokerena, Yggdrasil, Shaman’s tree, Kalpa Vriksha, Sky High Tree, Iusaaset’s tree). Zax struggles to keep the time line of all Eire intact, and creates the land of Fae. The Morrigan grows up. The Cauldron of Rebirth. A new King of Cats is crowned. Bucephalus is born.

BOOK 8 - Location: Kurufaba. Relic: Nummo's Rock.
Binou Cult. Hyena Men. Sailing on Skioblaonir with a new pirate crew. A sleeping king and queen in the Zerzura Oasis. N'Nonmiton Amazons A gate to a star. Ninki-Nanka, Abada, and Kongamato. The Spirits of the Lasts are freed.

BOOK 9 - Location: Bhāratam. Relic: Dakshinavarta shankha.
Traveling via cloud boots to Shambala. Swimming in an Ocean of Milk. A trial by cobra in Vrah Viṣṇuloka. How Thuvaraiyam Pathi sank. Ro-Langs and Yetis. Dalgliesh teaches Sun Wukong what to do with his tail.

BOOK 10 - Location: Makhoche. Relic: Grandmother Spider's Web.
Travel on Chimera with a crew of Djinn. Where the Anasazi went. The invasion of a continent is stopped - twice. The Dreamscape and dream catchers. Zax takes up knitting. A Thunderbird is born.

BOOK 11 - Location: Awaji. Relic: Hakutaku-zu's Book.
Travel via Kraken and Bake-Kuira to Mt. Horai. An escape via an opium addled rickshaw driver. Kitsune, and Yuki-onna, and Tsuchigumo, oh my. A houseful of possessed objects. Aokigahara Forest. Trying to reason with Ryūjin. The origin of Arashi. Ninjas.

BOOK 12 - Location: Aymara. Relic: Potion of Restoration.
Travel via Doorways to Lost Places (Agartha, Elelin, Kunlun, Kitezah, Biringan, Paititi). How the Nazca lines were made. A girl with some demons and a school for witches. Freeing imbunche and commandeering El Caleuche. Teaching Chonti-Chonti not to bite.

BOOK 13 - Location: Oceania. Relic: Bone needles.
Travel via the continent of Mu (Atlantis). Preventing the death of Tinirau. Underwater goblins. Matuku-Tangotango is never in a good mood. An island of the dead. Zax makes peace between Garuda and Ramanaka Dwipa. An Eel City.

BOOK 14 - Location Pohjola. Relic: Sampo.
Sailing on o Rupes Nigra on Naglfar with a crew of giants and draugar. Rescuing Fenrir and Jörmungandr. Saving the world with thread. Returning the Sampo to Louhi. It’s Ragnarok - oh, no, it’s just Zax. Kasuku loses a feather. Huginn drinks too much, Munin becomes a mother.

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