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About YugiCurt

Now then YouTube!

My name is Curt and me and Yu-Gi-Oh go back to the beginning, as a kid catching the show on TV and being mesmerized, to having to have those 2 Starter Decks, Yugi and Kaiba, and then Joey and Pegasus, over the years I have lost contact with Yu-Gi-Oh, (I lost touch half way through GX).
In 2017, I got back into it upon finding YugiTube, and I decided I could give my own take and provide a different YuGiOh YouTube experience

With this channel I hope to serve you, with brand new product videos and reviews, classic sealed YuGiOh product openings, 3 Camera Duel Your Girlfriend Videos, game play, live streams, tin openings, random pack openings, and many more Yu-Gi-Oh! / TCG / Tabletop gaming related videos.

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