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I may limit this perk to a certain amount of people at some point

Also, if this is popular I may add, that if you open your Booster pack or show your pulls on Instagram and tag @yugicurt or #yugicurt, you can enter to win another random Booster pack

Boosters will be completely random and from obtainable sets, No "Mega packs".

  • Your name in the end credits of every video

  • All Previous tiers included




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About YugiCurt

Now then YouTube!

My name is Curt and me and Yu-Gi-Oh go back to the beginning, as a kid catching the show on TV and being mesmerized, to having to have those 2 Starter Decks, Yugi and Kaiba, and then Joey and Pegasus, over the years I have lost contact with Yu-Gi-Oh, (I lost touch half way through GX).
In 2017, I got back into it upon finding YugiTube, and I decided I could give my own take and provide a different YuGiOh YouTube experience

With this channel I hope to serve you, with brand new product videos and reviews, classic sealed YuGiOh product openings, Duel Your Girlfriend Videos, game play, live streams, tin openings, random pack openings, and many more Yu-Gi-Oh! / TCG / Tabletop gaming related videos.

$0 of $200 per month
- Upgrade lighting, green screen and tripods
- Opens me up for being able to make a lot more content, more openings

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