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About Yuna_Tuna

Hi! Thanks for visiting my Patreon page! My name is Maria(Marissa) Springer, and I'm known as Yuna_Tuna on social media. I am known for my visual novel games, english covers of anime, and my voice acting talent. I love to make my own stories and create them into games and to sing my versions of anime, VOCALOID, and more. I hope you can find a game or song that you may like! My inspirations are...
Michaela Laws- Games
NomNomNami- Games
Amanda Lee(LeeandLie)- Music
JubyPhonic- Music
NateWantsToBattle- Music
We.B(WeBelieve)- Music
Alejandro Saab(KaggyFilms)- Voice Acting
Vic Mignogna- Voice Acting
Todd Haberkorn- Voice Acting

Patreon is where you are able to give an artist a certain amount of money(that you set yourself) for every time they release a piece of content. Patreon will charge you each month for the amount you pledged for each video, or picture, released. You can even set a monthly cap so you don't go over your budget.
Whether it be $1, $3. or even $25 or more per post, it all helps and is very much appreciated. Depending on how much you pledge, you get specific rewards! Go check them out below!
If you are still unsure on how Patreon works, please go check out this quick

All money that goes towards me is giving back to you! It will help me make more content for you all such as Visual Novel Games, FanDub productions, and more Youtube videos while also being a full time student. Some of the money also goes towards hiring voice actors for my games and artwork for Youtube videos and games.

No matter how much you donate, I appreciate every penny! I appreciate the amount of support you all give me! All the money that I receive from patreon and my fundraisers will help me shape my future more and more, and helping me continue creating more projects. Once I reach my goals on Patreon I will be able to make more amazing content that I've been planning on making for awhile so stay tuned!
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With all of you supporting me I will be able to expand some of my games universe like "Isolation" and be able to make better quality videos
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
Audio release
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