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My eternal gratitude. Thank you so much!!

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WIP screen shots of my progress, thumbnails, random free time doodles, from the sketch phase to the final project.
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A character doodle from anyone in TTCN :D
With a prompt of your choice (keep it sfw lol).

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About Yutani Nine

Who am I?
Hiya I'm Yutani Nine! The queen of writing awkward scenarios and the creator of the webtoon To Those Called Niners. I'm also a college student studying illustration, which consumes a lot of my time but I like to work on TTCN on the side.

What's TTCN?
To Those Called Niners (TTCN) is a webtoon I created based off my freshman visual computing class final.
TTCN is a simple story about three morons; Roy, Genie, and Hisei. Though, they'll see soon that life isn't quite so simple. I have it in the Slice of Life category on WT but I think it should be in the drama tag for the direction I have planned for it lol.

Why should you support me?
I love creating comics and art in general, it's my dream to make art for people to enjoy, but for that to happen to need to be able to support myself! If I make enough it could really help me pay off my college debt ;w;

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I will be given strength
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